Free WordPress Image Rollover Plugin

Take advantage of this Free WordPress plugin to generate image rollovers in your WordPress site fast easy. This plugin offers a visual editor that gives you a live preview as you build your image rollover effect to allow you full control of your creation. You can create multiple image roll overs to show on your pages as the examples bellow.

Check out these Image Rollovers

More Demos

Cool Sliding-box Builder

Add style to your website with cool sliding boxes
Don't just settle for squares

Something Quite Nice!

Adding sliding box animation to your website is now very easy. Display any type of content inside these boxes and add a beautiful hover effect to go with it.

Try it!
It's free...

Did anyone said free?!

just freaking try the goddamn thing already...

Thank You!


If you use this plugin and wish to be featured in our “Websites using WordPress Visual Slide-Box Builder” contact us for more details.

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