WordPress Image Grid Gallery

How to create an animated WordPress Image Grid Gallery. As humans, we have a strong attraction towards the visuals. On the web, when it comes to plain text versus text with images, text with images always wins. We are more likely to enjoy a read if it has some illustration than if it is just […]

Unable to create new Slide Boxes

It Doesn’t Work! As many of you might have noticed, if you recently updated WordPress to 4.2 and above, this plugin fails to create new slide boxes. Although it says that the box has been successfully saved, when you try to retrieve it it is not there! I understand the confusion and frustration this might […]

Responsive is here!

Finally Responsive Is Here! For a long time now I been asked by lots of users of Visual Slide Box Builder for responsive capability.Unfortunately, this wasn’t an easy problem to solve, due to the complexity of the slide boxes and all the customization it makes it hard to be responsive. But the most challenging this […]

WordPress Website Builder Tool

Easy to Use WordPress Website Builder Tool We all know how important is to have a well built and good looking website. This is key to attract and eventually convert visitors. But usually building a website without any coding experience could be a bit overwhelming. Thanks to WordPress, now days building a website is very […]

WordPress Boxes Plugin

WP Visual Slidebox Builder is the best free WordPress boxes plugin you can find out there. It offers a user friendly interface that even includes a ‘Live Preview’ of the box as you build it. Here are some screen shots of what the plug in looks like: From the screen shots you can see the […]

How to create a WordPress slide box

How to create a WordPress slide box View Demo Slideboxes are a nice way to present content. They provide value to your site and also catch visitor’s attention, which is exactly what you want in any website or blog. Today I’m going to show you how you can create a WordPress slide box for your […]


If you would like to create an animation similar to this follow these simple instructions WordPress Grid Animated Image Gallery

jQuery Image Slider for WordPress

Looking for a jQuery Image Slider for WordPress? WP Visual Slidebox Builder is a jQuery driven plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily add sliding boxes to your site. This plugin is designed for users that are not familiar with coding, by using the interface you can change properties and see the live preview […]

What is new with WPVSBB 1.2.3?

WP Visual Slidebox Builder has been getting noticed by the WordPress community. With over 6K downloads and counting WP Visual Slidebox Builder is being used in many websites to show sliding boxes. Since the plugin is getting more and more downloads, the community of users is continuously growing and many of the users have emailed […]

Boxes Placement

Many users of WP Visual Slide-Box Builder have asked me how do they place boxes next to each other (in a row) in a page. Well I have decided to answer all of you with this simple post, which will help future users with the same question. Horizontal Placement so you want to place your […]