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    Let me say this first, I love the IDEA of this plugin. Is it still missing some things? Definitely. The code pretty much BARELY works on PC and while it claims to be RESPONSIVE (I bought the Pro Version) it is in fact nothing more than a RANDOM resizing that makes everything worse. DO NOT GET THIS PLUGIN! The guy here charges $25 to answer 3 questions in 1 year(seriously dude? For code that DOESN’T WORK? I’ll give you $10 for 3 for 6 months if the code ACTUALLY worked and you want $25 to fix something that came broken? So on top of the $9 I spent I have to spend $25 more to get what I paid for? Expect a email from me after this message, I want my money back…) The FORUM has NO ANSWERS and ZERO ACTIVITY and you can even see the DEV asking someone who actually go his code to work what they did(SERIOUSLY?!?!). IF this plugin ever gets fixed I’ll be the first to start recommending this plugin but for now this plugin has an EPIC FAIL rating in my book. Use the Free Version ONLY! and DO NOT rely too heavily on this plugin.

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