What is new with WPVSBB 1.2.3?

WP Visual Slidebox Builder has been getting noticed by the WordPress community. With over 6K downloads and counting WP Visual Slidebox Builder is being used in many websites to show sliding boxes. Since the plugin is getting more and more downloads, the community of users is continuously growing and many of the users have emailed me asking for more features.

In the emails there is one feature that seems to be wanted by most users, and that is the ability to position the background image. With the previous versions, users where able to add background image to the LIT (the sliding part) but the image was pretty much static. By default it was centered, and if you wanted to build a nice slide your best choice was to use an image of the exact size as your slide. Otherwise the image will not display completely or in the case of a smaller image it will only display in one corner.

Now with the new version, you have the ability to position the image in a XY plane.



This simple feature will help many of you out there by making your slide box creations easier. Now you can use small images and position them anywhere in the LIT. This is very useful when you use transparent background images, since you can make the image look like part of the sliding LIT.


I really hope you guys enjoy the new version release and make good use of this plugin in your websites. For any sugestions or comments please email me @ enmanuelcorvo@gmail.com or simple leave a comment here. You can also follow the plugin on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/wpvsbb

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