WordPress Boxes Plugin

WP Visual Slidebox Builder is the best free WordPress boxes plugin you can find out there. It offers a user friendly interface that even includes a ‘Live Preview’ of the box as you build it.

Here are some screen shots of what the plug in looks like:

Wordpress Boxes Plugin
Wordpress Boxes Plugin

From the screen shots you can see the great variety of properties that you can visually adjust to create the look that goes with your site. You can select a name for your box and save it, this will place it in your history (‘right screenshot’) from where you could copy the short-code to place in post or page. from the history section you can also delete or edit any of the saved boxes. Any update you make will automatically propagate through your site updating any live boxes that you might have. One of the best thing about this WordPress Boxes Plugin is the fact that everything is Visual. You don’t need to know how to code to create a beautiful animation for your site, anyone can do it very easily.

Some examples of what can be done with WP Visual Slidebox Builder:

Something Quite Nice!

Adding sliding box animation to your website is now very easy. Display any type of content inside these boxes and add a beautiful hover effect to go with it.

The WordPress Boxes Plugin you need

As you can see, you could easily use this WordPress boxes plugin to build some of your website pages. It gives a nice animated touch to your site, which would definably catch your visitors attention. There are some other WordPress boxes plugin out there, but as you will find, none of them offer complete customization as WP Visual Slidebox Builder does. This WordPress boxes plugin is definably a good plugin to have installed in every site. Even if your site is not so interactive, it would never hurt to add some cool simple animations to supplement your content.

You can download the plugin directly from the WordPress marketplace http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-visual-slidebox-builder/. Make sure to leave your review of the plugin in the review section.

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