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Easy to Use WordPress Website Builder Tool

We all know how important is to have a well built and good looking website. This is key to attract and eventually convert visitors. But usually building a website without any coding experience could be a bit overwhelming. Thanks to WordPress, now days building a website is very easy even to those without any coding experience whatsoever. There are tons of WordPress plug-ins that help users build better website. I will introduce you to a very powerful one that could help you improve the look of your website very easy and fast.

WYSIWYG Builder Tool – Visual Slide Box Builder

This plug-in is not meant to build an entire website from scratch, it is more to supplement your website with some cool looking animations. For example a nice grid gallery of hovering images on a front page. See example of WordPress Image Grid Gallery Tutorial. The main purpose of this plug-in is to help users, specially those with no coding experience place animations on their website very easily.

The animations could be anything you envision really. You can make it in the form of a box, a circle, etc. Here are just some examples of what you can do with this easy to use WordPress Website Builder Tool:

Something Quite Nice!

Adding sliding box animation to your website is now very easy. Display any type of content inside these boxes and add a beautiful hover effect to go with it.

Hover Me!

Fully Customizable Box Builder plugin.

Admin Area

Wordpress Website Builder Tool
As you can see above you can build animations that get triggered on mouse over. You can use an image for the background, and another image for the animation that comes in. Ok so I can build an animation for my website… what’s the big deal?. Well what is great about this Builder tool is that you can do all visually, with a Live Builder Preview to better guide you. And the best of all is that it is FREE! Here is what the plug-in’s interface looks like:Here is a demo that shows how this Website Builder Tool could enhance your website. You can can check out this amazing plug-in at http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-visual-slidebox-builder/. Be sure to rate it if you like it!
WP Visual Slidebox Builder
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WP Visual Slidebox Builder
WP Visual Slidebox Builder
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