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5 Star Plugin!! (Really Worth 6) – Amazing!!

Very easy to use plugin and the only one that works properly with responsive themes! I spent 3 days testing and trying to get other ‘hover effect’ plugins to work and NONE of them work properly with responsive themes when used in <div> or tables. I also appreciate that the FREE version is very complete and allows you to fully experience the plugin’s capabilities. You can tell a LOT of careful work went into this plugin (GEEK ALERT: I’m actually impressed with the rounded corners boxes that are properly filled in by the incoming sliding text panel without corner overlap. How!?). This is an Amazing plugin that can easily add a professional look to your website with very little effort. I WISH more plugins worked this well. (It also have a very easy to use User Interface) Very easy to tell that this plugin was created by a Professional. Top Quality!! A++


Wordpress User

Fantastic plugin and even better support

The plugin was exactly what I had been looking for, it is unequaled as far as I can see by any similar plugin particularly in terms of customisation. I am a Newbee to the world of WordPress and website creation in general but this plugin was straight forward to use and produced exactly the look I was going for. But the best thing of all was the superb support offered, I had a theme related issue and the support team worked through the problem with enormous patience and solved the issue for me even though the problem was with the theme I was using and not there plugin. I cannot rate there product and support highly enough. This is a 6 star rating ?

Eoin Hunt

Wordpress User

Perfect Tool with incredible control

perfect tool easy to use with incredible control on FREE version it is really great tool. The tool include most common animations its really great and perfect free tool it saves a lot of time there is no another free tool like it thanks for creator


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Great interactive plugin

I have used this plugin a few times now and really please with the ease of use and customizable options available. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to add subtle rollover interaction in their websites. The responsive version adds more usability especially nowadays when everything has to be mobile friendly. Support is extremely quick and helpful like we all have come to expect in the WordPress community. Well done again!


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One of the GREATEST Plugins!

This Plugin is giving my Homepage a great look! You can bring motion in your homepage, which is AMAZING for your visitors and customers. And the Support is really helpful and nice!!! Thank you for that Buddy, Tim


Wordpress User

Excellent plugin .. well worth the money

I was looking for an easy way to add rollover images to WordPress and this plugin works really well. It is very easy to use and the it is well worth the money to make it responsive. Thanks!


Wordpress Uset

Mind Blowing plugin

Marvelous plugin for creating services, solution boxes with correct functionalities.


Wordpress User

Thanks for a great plugin

Simple and easy. And works great for my project. A real time saver!


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